Name (Primary Contact)Daniel Lilley
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Best Contact Phone Number(207) 415-7711
Address231 FRONT ST STE 1
South Portland, ME 04106
United States
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Slip and Date
OLD SLIP NOCommerical Dock
Expected Arrival Date05/16/2019


Agreement (items 1-22)

* This agreement is to cover the period from 5/15/19 agrees to pay the Marina the dockage rate of [RATE HERE]
as set forth in this agreement. All payments are to be made to Sunset Marina (the “Marina”) at the following address: 231 Front Street, South Portland, ME 04106.
1. The Marina shall not be liable for personal injury, or loss of life to Tenant & guests nor shall Marina be responsible for damage to Tenant’s vessel, accessories.
or contents thereof due to fire, theft, vandalism, collision, equipment failure, wind, rain, or other casualty loss. The Tenant will indemnify and hold the Marina
harmless from any loss, claim or action which the Marina may be subject to with respect to such loss, claim and/or action including the Marina’s attorney’s fees.

2. The dockage fee is calculated by multiplying the rate per foot times the length overall of the boat or times the length of the slip, whichever is greater. Fractional
boat lengths are rounded up to the next even foot.

3. Tenant agrees to have the vessel insured by complete Marine coverage, including liability, and agrees to provide the Marina with proof of such coverage prior
to occupying his/her berth. Tenant will be responsible for damage he/she or guests or agents cause to other vessels in the Marina or the structures or facilities
thereof, and will indemnify and hold the Marina harmless for any loss, claim, and/or action including the Marina’s attorney’s fees.

4. All vessels shall be adequately secured in their assigned berths with a sufficient number of appropriately sized lines for anticipated weather conditions, and storm
lines when vessel will be unattended.

5. Tenant will provide the Marina with a main door or hatch key or combination, and ignition key. The vessel will be entered or moved by the Marina only for
emergency purposes, otherwise only with prior notification to the Tenant.

* 6. Tenant and his/her guest(s) agree to conduct themselves in a manner as to not create nuisance, hazard, annoyance or disturbance to others while in the Marina.
Noise shall be kept to a minimum at all times. Overnight rafting is not permitted.

* 7. Tenders and dinghies shall be stored on board when possible, or in an area assigned by the Marina. No tenders or dinghies may be stored on the docks, or in such
a way as to impede other tenants or their vessels. They shall be marked or named and such identification recorded with the Marina.

* 8. Tenant may be asked to remove his/her vessel from the Marina in the event of a hurricane or other severe weather. Tenant agrees to comply with such requests.

9. No deck boxes, steps, etc. may be placed on the docks without prior written permission of the Marina. No other materials, supplies or debris shall be left or stored
on walkways or docks. No lines shall cross walkways without express prior written permission of the Marina Manager.

10. Tenants shall not discharge any waste or debris into the waters of the Marina. Rubbish containers will be provided for Tenant’s use.

11. Advertising & soliciting will not be permitted in the Marina.

12. Swimming, diving and fishing from the docks or finger piers is prohibited.

13. No open fires are permitted within the Marina facilities.

* 14. Outside contractors working on Tenant’s boats must do so between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Outside contractors may not work on boats
in the Marina unless they have provided current and acceptable certificates of insurance to the Marina.

15. Tenant agrees to maintain his/her vessel in safe and clean condition. Laundry shall not be hung on vessels or docks.

16. Each Tenant is allowed only one vehicle at the Marina at any one time, including guest’s vehicles. Additional vehicles must be parked in storage yard across the

17. All dogs shall be leashed and accompanied by an adult at all times while on Marina property. Owners are fully responsible for their animal’s actions and for
cleaning up after them.

18. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult unless otherwise approved by the Marina.

* 19. Tenant must notify the Marina when he/she plans to have his/her vessel out of the Marina for a period of 24 hours or longer. The Marina reserves the exclusive
right to sublet the slip in the absence of the Tenant’s vessel.

20. It is understood that this agreement is not assignable, nor may Tenant sublet or allow any other vessel to occupy his/her berth.

21. The Marina shall have a Maritime lien against Tenant’s vessel for unpaid sums due to the Marina for, but not limited to, services rendered or damages caused to
the property of the Marina.

* 22. Boats in the Marina prior to May 1 or after October 15 will be charged for dockage. The only exception to this will be for our hauling and storage customers whose
boats are launched or hauled before or after those dates due to our schedule.

Agreement (items 23-24)

* 23. The Marina may terminate this agreement with Tenant for infraction of any of the above terms. Additionally, dockage agreements not paid in full on [DATE HERE] will be terminated. Upon such termination, the Marina may (1) retain all funds or deposits paid hereunder as liquidated damages, (2) employ any rights available to it in law or equity for violation of this agreement. Notwithstanding the above, in the event that this agreement is terminated, the indemnity and hold harmless provisions of Articles 1, 3, 24 shall survive any such termination.

24. Tenant shall indemnity the Marina and hold the Marina harmless from all lawsuits and other claims by Third parties arising out of this agreement including the
Marina’s attorney fees.

Agreement (items 25)

*25 * Tenant agrees to pay a deposit of [AMOUNT HERE] upon execution of the Agreement. The balance of the dockage fee is to be paid in full to the Marina prior to [DATE HERE] and/or occupancy, the Marina may, at its option, terminate this agreement and retain the deposit as liquidated damages.

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